Sneaky Camel Productions

About Sneaky Camel

Sneaky Camel Productions is an amateur, independent production company. We currently specialize in short films and have plans to expand into feature-length films and television shows.  We are based primarily in the New England area, but we have members from as far away as New York, Delaware and California!

We at Sneaky Camel have created a unique filmmaking experience, where learning new skills, having fun and creating a supportive and professional environment are just as important as having a great finished product. We strive to build a supportive atmosphere, maintain a professional attitude, create and maintain a loyal sponsorship base, please our audiences, and establish a sense of camaraderie and fun among our team members. This is what Sneaky Camel is all about.

Sneaky Camel has a steering committee made up of several of the hardworking Camels who have been with us since the beginning. The steering committee meets once a month to discuss projects, fundraising efforts, and publicity and to come up with more ways for the Camels to be creative, express themselves and have fun. The members of the committee are:

The steering committee is led by Kat Alix-Gaudreau, creator and owner of Sneaky Camel Productions, LLC. For more information on these fabulous Camels, please visit our team bios.

We are committed to a true collaborative effort. Sneaky Camel is comprised of many individuals and each person brings different strengths, ideas and styles to a project. We believe in listening to each voice. We are also committed to growth through creativity, and our team members are encouraged to try new things, learn new skills, and take risks. The camera operator for one project may find herself the director of another project. An actor can become an editor, or vice versa. When you stop reaching, you stop growing, and we never want to stop growing!

To learn more about specific team members and their experience with Sneaky Camel, please visit our team bios. To join the growing ranks of Sneaky Camels, please visit our Projects page or contact us directly. To support independent films by becoming a Sneaky Camel Sponsor please contact us.