Sneaky Camel Productions

Team Bios

Kat Alix-Gaudreau
Kat Alix-Gaudreau photoKat Alix-Gaudreau attended UMASS Amherst and the University of Georgia, earning a BA in Theater and an MA in Sociology, respectively. She began her indie film career with a role in Don’t Feed the Dog Chocolate’s 10-minute film “Shaken” (Atlanta, GA). After relocating to New England, she created Sneaky Camel Productions, which began as a temporary team for Boston’s 48-Hour Film Project 2004. Sneaky Camel’s film for that project, “Fatal Choices,” garnered interest from local news station CN8 and Kat was interviewed for a live broadcast of CN8’s Nitebeat. One month later, Kat led the Sneaky Camel team to begin pre-production on their second short film, “Bloody Mary."

In late autumn of 2004, Kat partnered with Lee Dove Production to produce “A Walk,” a two-man existential comedy. After a short holiday break, Kat geared up Sneaky Camel once again, this time to produce a romantic comedy entitled “Laundry Day,” followed by an industrial “Moving Towards Change” and a dramatic short entitled “The Party."

Kat recently completed her seventh project and directorial debut with “The Interrogation,” as part of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project of 2006. She appeared on CN8’s Nitebeat again in May of 2006, to recap two years of independent filmmaking.

Roger Alix-Gaudreau
Wet GaudreauI have filled a number of roles in past Sneaky Camel projects, from production assistant to screenwriter to director (sometimes more than one at a time!). Every new role brings new challenges, and that was true of "The Party," for which I served as production designer, my first introduction to that role. I really enjoyed the challenge of designing and dressing sets in such a way that they implemented the director's ideas, yet also helped add dimension and depth to the character of Lawrence and the movie's story. Engaging my own creativity within another artist's parameters is something I'd not done in this way before, and it made this movie a very satisfying experience for me. I got to put a bit of my own stamp on the movie and have fun while doing it. Isn't that why we're all here, after all?

Jay Bell
Jay Bell photoJay Bell started working with film and video production in the summer of 1994 at Bennington College. The interest sparked that summer led to many weeks in the editing studios at Penn State University, despite the fact that it was not his major and the film students wanted him to stop hogging their computers. Jay went on to earn a degree in Management Science and Information Systems from PSU, followed later by an MBA from Xavier University. The end of his collegiate work in short film production marked the beginning of a brief break from film until the fateful day he was introduced to Sneaky Camel Productions during their second short film "Bloody Mary." Since that day, Jay has cheerfully worked on each subsequent Sneaky Camel production ("Laundry Day", "The Party", and "The Interrogation") in a variety of technical roles including prop master, gaffer, sound recorder, and most recently assistant editor. Most recently Jay has been doing crew work for a production from Brave Knight Media: "Dojo Studios: The Device."

Allison Corbett
Allison Corbett photoA 1997 graduate of Yale University, Allison was dismayed to discover that her major in Ancient Greek didn’t instantly win her fame and fortune in the cold, harsh Real World. Allison discovered filmmaking more or less accidentally, when Kat asked her to serve as the supervising editor on Sneaky Camel’s entry in the 2004 Boston 48-hour film project, "Fatal Choices." Afterwards she thought it might be a good idea to actually learn to edit, and as her reward found herself serving as lead editor on Sneaky Camel’s second project, the 30-minute horror short "Bloody Mary." During that project she discovered the editor’s godlike power to turn day into night (at least digitally speaking) and has been hooked ever since.

Allison also served as lead editor and member of the production team on the romantic comedy "Laundry Day" and the dramatic short "The Party." Most recently she served as lead and supervising editor for "The Interrogation," Sneaky Camel’s entry in the 2006 Boston 48-hr film project. She also maintains the Sneaky Camel Web site.

When she is not upside down underwater in her kayak, she works as an independent IT consultant, Web developer, and aspiring novelist. She lives with her husband, fellow Camel John Corbett, in Methuen, MA. Sometimes, in her copious amounts of free time, she even remembers to sleep.

John J Corbett III
John J Corbett III photoA film enthusiast for years after graduating from New York City's School of Visual Arts Film program, John didn't start work on a full-blown production crew until he was recruited in 2004 by Kat Alix-Gaudreau. Since then, he has directed Sneaky Camel's first film, "Fatal Choices," consulted on the horror film "Bloody Mary," and acted as production designer for the romantic comedy "Laundry Day."

Most recently, he was director of photography for "The Party," and took a turn as producer on the 48 Hour Film Project "The Interrogation." In his spare time, he plays role-playing games extensively and occasionally produces small films with his wife and in-laws.

Mark Killian
Mark KillianMark once wanted to save the world. Once he realized this was impossible, he decided to entertain it instead. After graduating from Brown University, he worked a stint with the US Department of Justice. Mark almost immediately realized this was a bad choice and began a career as an actor.

In 2003, he moved to live in New Zealand for a year, where he was lucky enough to work on "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King." Once back in the States, he hooked up with Sneaky Camel, dying gloriously in "Bloody Mary." While lying dead on gravel, Mark came up with the idea for "The Party," which he penned into a script, and which Sneaky Camel subsequently produced.

After his first directing gig, Mark decided that he was better suited to being behind the camera than in front of it. He helped edit Sneaky Camel's 48 hour Film Festival entry, "The Interrogation," and has recently worked on films in Rhode Island, including "The Education of Charlie Banks" and "Marie France."

Kim Trepanier
Kim TrepanierKim Trepanier, or "K" as she is often called, has been with Sneaky Camel since the beginning. Known for her organizational and planning skills, Kim has brought her talents to many Sneaky films as Production Manager. However, spending time on-set gave Kim the opportunity to learn from her fellow Camels. In "The Party," Kim makes her first Assistant Director debut, while also acting as the film's Production Manager. Kim would like to thank all of her fellow Camels for teaching her so much about teamwork and filmmaking over the last few years.