Sneaky Camel Productions

Fatal Choices

Production Schedule: 4/2/2004 - 4/4/2004
Runtime: 8 minutes
Tag Line: “You are what you do when it counts.”
Plot Outline: A short science-fiction film where three friends (Justin Dilley, Kim Trepanier, Nick Unger) struggle against each other when one decides to make a killing by loosing a plague on the city.
Genre: Science Fiction/Action
Notes: Fatal Choices was our first production, completed as part of the 48 Film Project - Boston 2004. Our goal was to complete the project successfully, and have fun while doing it. We hit both of those goals, and managed to hit a third one as well -- producing a film we are proud to show!

Buy it: If you would like to own your own copy of Fatal Choices, it is now available on VHS and DVD from the Sneaky Camel Store.