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48 Hours - this year, Sneaky Camel did not participating in Boston's 48 Hour Film Project.  However, some members joined up with Pirate Funded Productions (a Sneaky Camel off-shoot) and created The Gunslinger Solution (we always wanted to do a Western!).  I believe it's up on YouTube, so check it out. 

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You can find out more about the Boston Film Movement (previously known as Beanywood) at www.beanywood.com !

Project Update

Recently, we submitted the Summerlands Pilot Script to the 2008 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.  To see how we're doing so far, check out the Summerlands page!

The Summerlands writing team has finished Episode 2 and are moving on to the rest of the season.  We began pre-production in November 2007 and have made tremendous progress since then, particularly in the area of production design.  For the latest info, including crew calls and auditions, check out the Summerlands page. This is also where you can find our production blog and hear how things are going from the cast and crew!

Ballroom C, the prequel to our feature film Apocalypse Con, is now up on YouTube!  For more, check out the Apocalypse Con page, or you can see the prequel by clicking here.