Sneaky Camel Productions

Laundry Day

Production Schedule: 1/05 – 9/05
Runtime: 11 minutes
Tag line: "Did you ever feel like the universe is telling you something’s never going to happen?"
Plot Outline: A comic look at how Fate can conspire against would-be soul-mates. Simple misunderstandings and amusing mishaps keep two people apart, and it looks like they may never get together. Will Cupid strike, or be forever denied? It all comes down to where you do your laundry on Laundry Day!
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Notes: “Laundry Day” concludes Sneaky Camel’s first year in the movie business and is a great testament to how far we’ve come. The Camels look forward to our next project and hope that you’ll join us in our mission of “creating the best product we can and having as much fun as possible”!


Stephanie Romano, in the role of "Susan"
Max Flisi, in the role of "Jim"
Libby Schap, in the role of "Karen"
Martin Lee, in the role of "Michael"
Kevin Cirone, in the role of "Robert"
Rob Najarian, in the role of "Martin"
Christina Wolfskehl, in the role of "Linda"

Buy it: If you would like to own your own copy of Laundry Day, it is now available on VHS and DVD in the Sneaky Camel Store.