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Laundry Day Sponsors

All music for Laundry Day was provided by Ablondi. The Ablondi "Attic" CD is available for purchase at

Special Thanks

Steve Gay, Francesca Cerutti and Frank Walls of Framingham Channel 9 Studios, for all their support, advice and understanding.

Cambridge Computer Services, Waltham MA for providing us the use of their office space, as well as several of their employees!

The Corbett Family, for their time, energy and lovely apartment for production meetings, parties and location shoots.

The employees and patrons of the Someday Café, Somerville MA for their kindness, flexibility and fabulous coffee!

Contributions of $100 or more

Ann & Roland Alix
Cambridge Computer Services
Roger & Margaret Gaudreau
Rich Kendall
David Mary
Joey Sutton

Contributions of $50 or more

Delilah & Artemis Alix-Gaudreau


Steve Grout
Kevin Cirone