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Sponsor Sneaky Camel!

Sneaky Camel accepts sponsorship in any monetary amount of $30 or more. We also accept certain in-kind donations. To sponsor a project, please contact Kim Trepanier or simply visit our Store Page, where you can make a secure online donation to Sneaky Camel through PayPal.

Your donation will go to such items as props for the film, food for the cast and crew during production, festival entry fees and other miscellaneous items that are part of the detailed process of film-making. There are also day-to-day expenses of operating Sneaky Camel Productions, such as postage, license fees, office supplies and even film equipment, and a small portion of your contribution will be used to cover those costs as well.  Because all members of Sneaky Camel are volunteers, we rely on your support to continue making movies. By contributing to our projects, you are truly a supporter of the arts and independent filmmaking in New England!

Sneaky Camel offers film credit, a listing on our website and a complimentary copy of the film you have sponsored. In order to ensure proper listing, please provide the following information:

Thank you for your interest in Sneaky Camel Productions – we hope to work with you soon!

The Above-and-Beyond List

The following sponsors have gone above and beyond for Sneaky Camel, providing shooting locations, repeat contributions, or large donations. Without their help we would be unable to do what we do. Thank you!

Cambridge Computer Services

David Mary

Steve Matheson